I’m Harrison, connecting the world through design at LinkedIn. Feel free to reach out or join my newsletter.

I’ve worked with inspiring brands and figures in the past that include Russell Simmons, DJ Khaled, Luol Deng, Joe Bonamass, Goodwill, and the University of Iowa.

Words & Audio

Base CRM

Base is on a mission to revolutionize the sales industry. We provide an all-in-one sales platform designed to help reps sell more and give sales leaders quantifiable and actionable insights to grow their business. The design team leads the charge by creating experiences on both the web and mobile platforms.

Material Design

In 2016 I had an opportunity to lead the redesign of our Android application. This had a number of challenges since a lot of the complexities we encountered weren't defined in Google's Material Design guidelines. Since it's launch we've maintained our leading spot as #1 downloaded CRM application on Google Play Store.


Apollo is the next generation analytics platform Base is rolling out to exlusive customers right now. I had the pleasure of working with my team to deliver the initial prototype of the vision we rolled out at our public event in the summer of 2016.